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Convert Word DOCX and DOC to HTML with Kingsoft Writer for Free

Release Date: 10-12-12

If you don't have Microsoft Word installed but need to convert a Word (.docx, .doc or .rtf) to HTML (HyperText Markup Language) for free, Kingsoft Free Writer can help.

Word documents are usually saved as *.doc by default in Kingsoft Writer, but there are also other formats available, like *.rtf, *.txt, *.html, *.htm, *.mht and *.mhtml.

HTML is a formatting language for making web pages. If you want to show the word document on the web, you can use the Save As HTML Files (*.html; *.htm) function in Kingsoft Writer to save document in HTML format.

When saving HTML, all the supported content in the word document will be saved into the HTML page, including the images. However, the images are saved in another seperated folder, which is named after the page name, called “pagename.files”.

Steps to convert Word documents to HTML

1. Open a Word (.docx, .doc or .rtf) document with Kingsoft Writer. Click File menu and select Save As...

2. In the Save As dialog:

First, choose a location for the page files;

Then specify a name for the page, and in the drop-down formats list, choose HTML Files (*.html; *.htm)

Finally, press Save button.

convert word to htmlconvert word docx doc to html

In the location you have specified, you will get a new web page - pagename.html and a folder - pagename.files which stores all the pictures in the page.

Note: There might be some formatting problems with the web page, you will need to fix them using web page editing programs like Adobe Dreamweaver.