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What’s new about Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012

Release Date: 03-31-12

Switch between 2012 Two Interfaces

Kingsoft Office Professional 2012 added a new 2012 interface which looks like Microsoft 2007 and 2010. You can retain the traditional interface if preferable. It allows you to switch freely between the traditional and new 2012 interface.
The method:

2012 style interface switch to classic interface:

Click Switch UI on the button

Click on the Quick Access toolbar

Classic style interface switch to 2012 style:

Click Switch Interface Style on the Tools menu

Click on the Standard toolbar

Paragraph Adjustment

Added paragraph adjustment tool can help you to easily adjust paragraph spacing, line spacing and indentation distance. The adjustment process is more intuitive, and the document layout will be easier. When you click and drag mouse, you can see the adjustment effect directly.
The method:

Star Kingsoft Writer, point to the head of a paragraph and click the Paragraph Layout

Macro Function

It added VBA macro function that a statistics function allows you to execute specific database commands.
The method:

Update online

There is also an online update function to help you to download the newest versions, when they are released.

Section Tab

In the new 2012 interface, Professional Writer 2012 supports a ‘Section Tab’ function that can help you to arrange the document layout more conveniently and quickly. You will easily edit the document and design section sequence.
The method:

2012 style interface: Click the Section tab


Kingsoft Office Professional 2012 added a great number of templates in Professional Presentation 2012, such as different dissertation covers, etc. It can help you make slides more quickly and conveniently by using these templates directly.

Cover Page

In new 2012 interface, the Professional Writer 2012 offers a great number of cover page styles. You can directly insert the cover page by sight click.
The method:

In the Section tab, click Cover Page in the Cover and ToC group