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Differences between Free and Premium of Office 2016

Release Date: 03-31-12

There are some differences between free and paid versions of Office 2016. Aside from the features included in the free version, paid version contains more advanced features. See the following feature comparison table.

WPS Office 2016 Features Office 2016 Free Office 2016 Premium
Save as ooxml format
Open and read PDF documents
Switch Interface
Compare Documents Side by Side
Intuitive Table Operation Tools in Writer
Print Priview, Print_Watermark
Million Rows and Columns in Spreadsheets
Mail Merge and Track Changes in Writer
Restrict Formatting/ Range Editing
Export to offfice 2007 Formats .docx, .xlsx,.pptx,.etc
File Package into Folder/Compressed File
Share Workbook in Spreadsheets
Restrict Formatting/ Range Editing in Writer
Size 80.2.4 MB 80.2 MB
Price $ 0.00 Buy at $ 79.99
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