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Comparison between Kingsoft Office Suite Free and OpenOffice

Release Date: 03-31-12

Two Free Office Suite Features Compare

A new office software suite has been released that is entirely free and highly compatible with Microsoft Office. Since being released in August 2011, Kingsoft Office 2012 has grown increasingly popular, and with good reason. Given the chance, Kingsoft Office can be the perfect match for you.

You may ask 'why should our office consider Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012? What makes it the best choice? And how do Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 and Open Office differ?'

This article seeks to answers those questions and more by explaining precisely what it is that Kingsoft Office freeware does, and comparing its key features to those of its competition.

The most important thing for office software is that it is compatible with Microsoft Office. Rest assured, therefore, that Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office, the two suites possess highly similar interfaces, and Kingsoft can handle all Microsoft Office files including the latest formats; .docx, xlsx, and .pptx., and the interface is almost same as Microsoft Office. This means that switching the two programs requires no re-training.

Furthermore, Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 has a built-in PDF converter that allows you to convert all Office files into the PDF format with ease. This includes the ability to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF files. Moreover, the generated PDF files cannot be edited by anyone else, with an optional encryption function to even more securely protect your work.

Lastly, Kingsoft Office 2012 offers an automatic spell check function to proofread your assignments to ensure accuracy. Spell checker automatically checks your spelling by default while you are writing. If the word is spelt incorrectly a red underline will appear beneath it.

A Comparison between Kingsoft Office Suite Free and OpenOffice

Difference Kingsoft Office 2012 Open Office
Compatibility with Microsoft Office High Medium
Interface Multiple Tabs Window
Export to PDF Yes Yes
Size 82.5MB 148MB
Hard Drive Space after installation 120MB 359MB
System Requirement Lowest Requirement:
1.Windows 2000
2.128 MRAM
3.Hard Disk: 100MB
1.Intel Processor
3.659 MB Disk Spaces
4.Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher)
Operating System Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Android Office Publish Kingsoft Office for Android
Kingsoft Office Reader Free
OpenOffice Document Reader

The table above shows the differences between Kingsoft Office Suite Free and OpenOffice. Specifically, for Compatibility with Microsoft Office, as mentioned before, Kingsoft Office Freeware is fully compatibility while OpenOffice cannot support doc, xls, and ppt formats at the moment.

For the interface, Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 includes a multiple tabs layout that allows you to open several document on a single interface. This helps to avoid the hassles created by switching between multiple document windows; this is a feature that OpenOffice lacks.

Both free office suites can convert files into the PDF format.

Kingsoft Office Suite Free requires both less space to install, and less hard drive space to operate, than Open Office does. In fact, Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 can be installed using just 68MB of space. Furthermore, despite both having the same operating system, Kingsoft Office Suite Free needs a lower system requirement.

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