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View and Edit files from Google Docs on Android Device

Release Date: 12-27-12

Google Docs is the online document creating and sharing service offered by Google. For online collaborating, Google Docs is no doubt a great web app for handling word documents, spreadsheets and presentations. However, when you have to use your mobile devices, like phone or tablet with Android system, you still need a good compatible office suite to be installed on your device for viewing and editing office files.

Although Google Drive allows you to view documents offline on your mobile device, it's not possible to download the files to your mobile and edit it with complicated formatting. Thus, a professional office suite on your Android device, that is fully compatible with Google Docs document is necessary.

Here we will introduce Kingsoft Office, which is a totally free office application for Android system, allowing direct access to Google Drive. It is not only compatible with file formats from your Google Drive, but also able to edit sophisticated documents.

Download Documents from Google Drive to Android Device

In order to view and edit your Google Docs files, you don't have to install Google Drive or visit the web service of Google Docs. Kingsoft Office supports cloud storage connection within the application. Follow these steps to download documents from Google Drive:

Step 1 Launch Kingsoft Office on your Android device. In Open group, tap the Cloud Storage icon to access Cloud Storage service list.

google docs viewer android

Figure 1 Open Cloud Storage

Step 2 Choose Google Drive and type in your account information to login.

download google docs files to edit on android download google docs files to edit on android

Figure 2 Cloud Storage Service List     Figure 3 Google Drive Login Interface

Step 3 After having logged in to Google Drive, tap on the documents you want to download. And the download progress bar will appear.

download google docs files to edit on android download google docs files to edit on android

Figure 4 Document list in Google Drive Figure 5 Download file from Google Drive

Step 4 After downloading the files from Google Drive, you can save the documents in your Android device. The default location of the file is shown in the following screenshot:

download google docs files to edit on android

Figure 6 Location of the downloaded document

Edit Files Downloaded from Google Docs with Kingsoft Office

Now that you have successfully downloaded files from Google Drive, you can edit the documents using Kingsoft Office. Google Docs now saves files in the following formats:

Documents: *.docx, *.odt, *.rtf, *.pdf, *.txt, *.html

Spreadsheets: *.xlsx, *.ods, *.pdf, *.csv, *.txt, *.html

Presentation: *.pptx, *.pdf, *.txt.

All the formats in bold are supported by Kingsoft Office for Android. Simply tap on Folders to open the files you have just downloaded from Google Drive to edit them.