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How to Install and Remove Kingsoft Office ?

Release Date: 04-25-13

Recently not a few have been confronted with the problem of quick Kingsoft Office installation and removal. Here an illustration will be given as regards it. And Kingsoft Office Suite Standard will be taken as the example. The same is true of Kingsoft Office Suite Professional.

Install Kingsoft Office to Your PC

Step 1: To install Kingsoft Office to your PC, first download the office to your computer.

Then click Save button in the following picture:

download and install kingsoft office

Step 2: It will be automatically saved in your system files unless you choose to save it in specific file. Then just wait for it to finish the downloading as the following picture:

Step 3: Once the downloading is accomplished, begin the installation as follows:

input kingsoft office serial number

It's required that you accept the License Agreement.It's required that you accept the License Agreement, otherwise the installation will fail.

Step 4: Then for further access, input serial number which you will obtain once purchasing our product. Or You may have access to our product for free within 30 days.


Several components will be available that you will feel free to choose:

Step 5:


Then you can browse The Kingsoft Office in the file you prefer, or leave it to be automatically stored.

Kingsoft-office-choose install- location

Please notice that the options above aren't compulsory. If you tick the them, the system will automatically open and save all the office files via Kingsoft Office. In case you've got used to MS office, you may choose not to tick them and only open or save the office files via Kingsoft Office when you're in need.


Then click the Install and wait for it to complete the setup:

Then feel free to choose your favorite interface style and the installation is thus completed.

Kingsoft-office-choose-interface-style Kingsoftoffice-installation-completed

Till now we've accomplished the Kingsoft Office Installation. You can close it.

How to Remove Kingsoft Office from your Computer?

It convenient to remove Kingsoft Office from your computer. Below is the simple illustration:
Find the Uninstall button from Start menu > Kingsoft Office > Kingsoft Office Tools > Uninstall.


Click Unistall and the removal of the Kingsoft Office will be accomplish.

That's all. May if be of help to you!