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How to sort data within rows in spreadsheet?

Release Date: 11-08-12

Kingsoft Spreadsheets can not only sort data within columns, but also within rows. In the following example, we will sort the data according to keywords of the first and second rows.

sort data in rows in spreadsheet

Figure 1 Sort Data of the first and second rows

Step 1 Select B1:I5 area in the above spreadsheet.

Step 2 Go to Home > Sort, and select Custom Sort..., and the Sort dialog box will pop up.

sort data in rows  with custom

Figure 2 Use Custom Sort

Step 3 Click Options button in the Sort dialog box, and set Orientation to be Sort left to right. Then press OK.

sort data by rows in spreadsheet sort data rows with keywords

Figure 3 Sort Orientation settings Figure 4 Set sorting keywords

Step 4 In the Sort dialog box, choose Sort by Row 1 and Then by Row 2.

Step 5 Press OK in Figure 4 and the data is successfully sorted according the keywords selected. See Figure 5:

Figure 5 Sorting Data result