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How to change the default date format into dd/mm/yyyy on Spreadsheets?

Release Date: 08-27-12

When you use the spreadsheets to edit data, you might have a problem that you have an excel worksheet with a date column, the format is set to dd-mm-yyyy but the dates in the columns display as mm/dd/yyyy, the Kingsoft Spreadsheets supports change any date format when you editing excel sheets. In Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free 2012, the default date format is mm/dd/yyyy, it also offers function to change the date into dd/mm/yyyy.

This article will introduce how to change the default excel date format in Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free version. If you want to show the Sep 1st 2012 as 01/09/2012, the steps are shown as follows:

1. Open the Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free 2012 and enter the Sep 1st 2012, the system will automatically show 9/1/12 in the free Spreadsheets.

2. Select this cell that you want to change date format, and right-click ‘Format Cells’ option, and then a Format Cells dialog box appears.

3. In the Format Cells dialog box, under the Number group, choose ‘Custom’ option, and change the date format into dd/mm/yyyy.

4. Click OK to finish the setting. When you enter the date agin in following cells, the date will be  automatically shown as dd/mm/yyyy.

In conclusion, on Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free version, this method will help you to easily change the default date format into dd/mm/yyyy format. It will more conveniently edit excel sheet when you need to enter the date.