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How to sort spreadsheet text in alphabetical orders?

Release Date: 03-31-12

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How to make my spreadsheet list to be placed in alphabetical order automatically?
Can you advise me if (when i am making lists) I can put them in acending/decending colums, eg. A-Z?

In 2012 style interface in Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional and Standard, you can take the following steps to sort your text or numbers:

1. Select the cells you want to sort
2. Click Data tab and find sort spreadsheet text from a to z or sort spreadsheet text from z to a to sort your text and numbers ascendingly or descendingly.

You can also custom your sort by clicking the Sort button.

In traditional interface of all Spreadsheets 2012 editions, you can refer to following to sort your text from A-Z or vice versa. Simply select the cells and click the ascending /descending button:

sort text in alphabetical orders in spreadsheets