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Automatically save and backup/recover office files in Kingsoft Office

Release Date: 03-31-12

In case of abnormal situations, like power cut, Kingsoft office offers you this function to create backup files at any time as you like. Document Backup can be divided into two categories: Backup at the first save and regular backup.

Take Kingsoft Writer 2012 as an example:

How to set autosave time interval

1. Click , and at the right bottom, click autosave and backup files with writer.

2. Navigate to "General and Save" tab

3. Find the following checkboxes:

autosave and backup files with writer
These two checkboxes are enabled by default, and time interval for automatical saving is 10 minutes.

4. In the minutes list, specify how often you want the Writer to save your data and then click OK to save the settings. The minimum time interval is 1 minute.

How to manage the backup files

In case your program closes before you press Ctrl+S, you can find these recovered files and select which file you want to save.

To find these recovered files:

1. Click and select Backup Management

2. The Backup Management panel will be shown on the right.

3. Select the ones you want to open and save them.

You can also tick Show backup file notice option on the right bottom, so that every time Writer starts, the backup files can be shown. Similar with other two applications, Spreadsheets 2012 and Presentation 2012.