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How to Sync Clipboard Text between PC and Android Device?

Release Date: 11-20-12

Most office software for Android include the feature of sharing files via Cloud, but synchronizing text quickly is not so convenient with office software. When we want to copy a short message, or a piece of email text from Android phone to PC, or send a piece of text from PC browser to Android mobile, we don't necessarily have to open a huge office software. Thus a small clip app which supports copying & Pasting text between Android and PC has been developed.

Kingsoft Clip offers a great way to transfer text messages quickly. This app helps sync text information between your computer and Android devices.

To sync text between PC and Android, you need to install client programs both on Android and computer.

Download kingsoft Clip .apk for your Android device
Download Kingsoft Clip for PC

Steps on how to transfer text information between PC and Android

Step 1: Double click on KingsoftOfficeXPlats on your computer. Go to Kingsoft Clip, and sign in using your AOL or Google account.

clipboard sharing between pc and android

Step 2: Run Kingsoft Clip on your Android device and sign in using the same account.

Step 3: Copy text from anywhere to your computer clipboard, or input any text on the main screen of Kingsoft Clip. Select any piece of text, and you will find two buttons on the bottom right of this text piece. Tap the first button to share this piece of text with Android device.

Step 4: The text on your computer has been sent to your Android device.

Step 5: Transfer the Android SMS with the same method. In fact, after you download and login with your email account, transferring a text piece just need one-click.

Kingsoft Clip apps is limited to text messages currently, which means we can only transfer browser text, email text and SMS information with it. However, sharing a web address between PC and Android is also possible. In this case, it makes information sharing quite simple and convenient.