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How to wrap text in a cell for Spreadsheets with Kingsoft Android Office?

Release Date: 08-29-12

When you use the spreadsheets with Android office edit text and data sheets, you might have a problem that the typed text is larger than the width of the cell, the text entered will appear as single line of text. It is very inconvenient to view text and manage data. Now Kingsoft Office for Android free version offers a good wrap text function that allows you control the data appear on multiple lines within a single cell when you typing.

This article will introduce how to wrap text in next line within a cell for spreadsheets with Kingsoft Android Office; the specific steps are shown as follows:

1. First open a blank workbook by Kingsoft Android office and enter the edit mode.

2. Select the cells that you want to wrap text, and a virtual box will appear around selected content.

3. On the Unit States tab, in the Resize group, choose the Wrap Text option. See below sketch map.


4. After setting the wrap text, when you typing in the cell, text exceeds a column width, it will be automatically shown as next line.

Or you can directly tap below two icons together, and then it can swapped when you typing text. But this method is just fit for one-off operation for one of cells, if you have lot of cells to need wrap line, you should use the previous method.


In conclusion, this wrap text feature in Kingsoft Office for Android is very convenient to examine excel data and text, rather than widening worksheet columns to make long headings visible, wrap text allows you to place text on multiple lines within a single cell.