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How to Manage Office Files on Android

Release Date: 04-01-12

manage files with office for androidAfter opening the software, first enter the main interface. This main interface page combines document management and portal access capabilities. In the form of photos wall, it allows you to see the overview of recently opened documents.

The photos wall allows you to locate specific document without opening it, which will saving your time. The document's snapshot is automatically generated and requires no additional user operation.

Open Office Files on Android

open office files with kingsoft office for androidTap the first button above the screen. As shown in follow picture a pop-up box will appear:

The pop-up box contains three options: Browse Folders, All Documents and KDrive

When you tap the Browse Folders button, You can gain access to your files through: My documents, SD card, Cell phone or Tablet Device, and File Manager.

Kingsoft Office for Android calls a third-party file manager software automatically. The benefit to this is that through merging the specialist enhanced file manager to the original software, it allows for a greater functionability of your device and file managing possibilities. Through this combination, a greater range of functions become available when: deleting, renaming and sorting files. If you don't already have suitable file manager software, you can download one from our website at office for android page.

Browse Folders

browse foldersTap the My Documents button : Shows all the documents you have recently opened.

Tap the SD Card button: Shows all the folders and documents currently stored on the SD Card.

Tap the Device button: Shows all the folders and documents stored in the memory of either the cell phone or tablet device.

Tap the File Manager button: You will enter the file manager interface.

List All Documents

The All Documents function makes it possible to view all the documents from the mobile memory or a SD card very conveniently. This will save you from having to search files from seperate catalogues. Shown in left picture:

Tap the top left corner folder List button. A pop-up box will appear with directory listings showing the complete document directory folder. It is possible to scroll and tap directly to the document location making it easier to locate documents.

open office files with kingsoft office for android  list the document on your android

Filter by Document Type

Tap the second button at the top left of the screen, titled Settings, a pop-up box will appear allowing you to filter by document type. Select the document type you want, then tap the "refresh" button. All the documents will now be filtered by the document type you requested.

Directly tap the icon for a document, to view and edit the document. Press and hold on the document icon to view the full name of the document.

set document type on android  input document files type

Filter by Document Type

Tap the close button in the upper right cornerexit document, to exit the documents page and go to the home page.