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Have a Professional Office Solution for Your Android

Release Date: 04-01-12

share files with emailMany people who use android cell phone or tablet devices are looking for professional office software to perform business on the go. Now, Kingsoft Office Company launches Kingsoft Office for Android to meet the majority need of office mobility for android. It consists of three parts: Kingsoft Writer for android, Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android and Kingsoft Presentation for Android.

The reason why you choose Kingsoft Office for Android is listed in the following:

Compatible with Microsoft Office. With Kingsoft Office for Android, you are allowed to create, view and edit Microsoft word (97/2000/2003/xp/2007) files in .doc, .docx and .txt formats. You also have the ability to view and edit Microsoft Excel (97/2000/2003/xp/2007) files in .xls and .xlsx formats. For Microsoft PowerPoint you can only view right now. But the ability to create and edit is coming soon.

Rich featured. Kingsoft Writer for Android supports rich formatting, such as: font size, font color, bold, italics, underline, highlight, alignment (left/right/center/both side/distribute), search in text, zoom, full screen and page setup. With Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android, you can view text and embedded contents, use auto filter function, freeze specific window panes, adjust the row height or column width and view the automatic summary results. You're able to view PPT files by using Kingsoft Presentation for Android.

Send and receive attachments. Kingsoft Office for Android is closely integrated with an Email application. The Email application allows you to send office documents as attachments as well as download and edit attachments.

Download/upload files on cloud storage. With this office for Android software, you can access any cloud storage which supports WebDAV protocol, such as Google Docs, Dropbox and so on. By default, Kingsoft Office for Android only provides the cloud storage. If you wish to use other cloud storage services, you would have to add it manually. Additional default cloud storage services will be added to Kingsoft Office in the future, in order to save time.

Built-in file manager. The built-in file manager makes the software easy to use. If you have tons of files on your cell phones or tablet devices, you do not have to worry about sorting, finding, renaming, copying, deleting or relocating any of them. The file manger will help you do this much more easily.

Thumbnail view. There is a thumbnail wall when you start Kingsoft Office for Android software program. By using which you're able to preview the first page of your most recently viewed documents. Then you can just slide the screen to find the specific documents you want quickly, regardless of where they have been saved.

Quick to open. Kingsoft Office for Android offers C++ low level calls, which accelerates the system speed and makes it instantaneous to open and edit documents. The latest 4.0.4 version is only 4.3MB in size, taking up minimal space and resources, which enables devices to run faster and more efficiently while remaining reliable and stable.

Kingsoft Office for Android has been published for more than two months. However, it has been updated six times since then and the number of users to download this Android Office software is 30,304 and rising. The users gave an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars. We are really motivated and hope to get your feedback to help us improve.To learn more about features and functions, please visit our free Office for andorid page.

In addition, Kingsoft has also released a free office document reader for your android cell phone and tablet devices, named Kingsoft Office Reader for Android. To learn more about this, please visit our website at office reader for android pages.

Kingsoft Office for Android makes easy for your office mobility!