Provides friendly Word processing, Spreadsheets & Presentation software.


WPS Office 10 Business(

The latest Office Suite WPS Office 10 Business includes Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation Professional. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, despite possessing a highly compact installation package. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 (

kingsoft office suite free 2013

Kingsoft Office Free 2013 offers a varied selection of features for you to create professional office documents with. It contains three essential office applications: Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Writer Professional 2012 (

Kingsoft Writer professional 2012 is a powerful yet compact word processing software . It includes several new functions, such as a new 2012 interface, a paragraph adjustment tool, a section tab, a cover page feature, a PDF converter, and more. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Spreadsheets Professional 2012 (

Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012 can help users to create sheets, design professional charts, and analyze data. It includes several new functions, including a VBA macro function and a great variety of slide templates. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Presentation Professional 2012 (

kingsoft office presentation professional 2012

Kingsoft Presentation Professional 2012 allows users to produce dynamic and artistic slides perfect for producing memorable presentations. It includes a large number of slide templates that can be applied easily and directly. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 (

kingsoft office suite professional 2012

Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 consists of Writer Standard, Presentation Standard and Spreadsheet Standard, which is able to process word file, produce wonderful slides, and analyze data as well. It is the best home office software and student office software.
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Kingsoft Office Writer Standard 2012 (

kingsoft office writer for pc

Kingsoft Writer Standard 2012 is a word processor for student. It offers a great number of functions to meet their study and daily work of opening, viewing, editing and saving word files, such as templates, paragraph adjustment, etc. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Spreadsheets Standard 2012 (

kingsoft office spreadsheets professional 2012

Kingsoft Spreadsheets Standard 2012 is a student spreadsheet program which allows you to analyze data and edit sheets based on powerful functions that mainly focuses on student and home office excel. Learn More >>

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Kingsoft Office Presentation Standard 2012 (

kingsoft office presentation professional 2012

Kingsoft Presentation Standard 2012 is a presentation application that has ability to produce dynamic slides and prepare speeches to satisfy wants for student and home presentation users. Learn More >>

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