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PDF to Word Converter - Convert PDF to Word .doc and .docx

Release Date: 10-30-12

PDF is a format used by people widely around the world to store and view data. Kingsoft Office Free offers a built-in free PDF converter to export Word to PDF, Excel to PDF and PowerPoint to PDF. However, in Kingsoft Office, this conversion is not reversible. That is to say, you can not convert the PDF to Word documents or other document formats with Kingsoft Office.

In order to convert PDF to editable documents, you may use other tools specially designed for PDF converting. Here in this article we would like to introduce Xilisoft PDF to Word Converter

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pdf to word converter

Figure 1 PDF to Word Converter Interface

Steps to Convert PDF to Word

Step 1 Add PDF Files to the Converter

Launch PDF to Word Converter and click Add File(s) button (shown in Figure 1) to add PDF document(s). The files will be listed within the above interface, displaying the file properties like File Name, Size, Total Pages, Selected Pages and Status.

Step 2 Select Page Range in the PDF to be Converted

If you want to convert only part of the PDF document to Word, you can select a specific page range before converting. There are two ways:

In the Selected Pages column, click the row of the file you want to change page range, and a drop-down arrow will appear. Select Pages: e.g..., 3, 4, 5-10, and enter the page range in the cell.

Or, you can select the row of the file, and choose page range on the right Preview window. In this window, you can preview the pages and choose page range more precisely.

select page range for converting pdf to word or page range for pdf to word converter

Figure 2 Select page range in PDF to convert to Word document

Step 3 Select Word format to Convert

With PDF to Word converter, you can save the Word document as *.doc, *.docx and *.rtf. Select a format in the Profile drop-down list before converting.

pdf to word converter saving format

Figure 3 Convert PDF to Word DOC, DOCX and RTF

Step 4 Convert PDF to Word

Press the round button of PDF (as shown in Figure 1) to start converting. Or select Convert option in Actions menu.

How to remove the PDF files from the list?

Simply select the PDF files and click Remove button in the toolbar.

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