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Kingsoft Office OEM Partner

Kingsoft Office team works with OEM partners in order to integrate the latest technologies into their products as well as add innovation and quality. These partners are a mixture of hardware and software vendors or are relative technical service providers. By working with OEM partners, Kingsoft aims to expand their markets as well as create ever increasing high standards of products.

Contact with and become one of our OEM partners today.

Our Hardware Partners

By embedding Kingsoft's technology with our hardware partners' technology, our OEM partners are able to earn higher margins and provide customers with better solutions. Our manufacturers typically produce hardware such as digital cameras, mobile phones, servers, computers, etc.

Our Software Partners

It is easy for software vendors to combine Kingsoft office products into their own portfolios. the result is a unique, high quality product that has the potential to earn high revenues for all interested parties as well as advance a few steps ahead of competitors.

Service Provider Partners

Kingsoft office works with managed service providers, such as PHPs and ASPs, by providing a broad range of products that can aid them in increasing their customer database through providing online services.

High Commitment to Support

At Kingsoft office team, we have a dedicated OEM partner support team who are committed to providing all of our partners with the advice and services that are required in order to successfully combine products whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Business Focused

Kingsoft office is entirely focused on the needs of our OEM partners.

Award Winning Performance

Due to delivering consistently high quality products and services as well as being 100% ad free- unlike many of our competitors- Kingsoft has received numerous awards and accreditation.


In order to be an OEM partner with Kingsoft Office, you must:

Legally be titled a firm

Be financially independent and have been trading for at least 12 months

Be committed to long-term professional relationships and networking

Be compliant with signing contracts

If you are interested, Kingsoft would love to hear from you! Please email and become one of our partners today.