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Kingsoft word processing software - Writer 2012

Release Date: 03-31-12

word processing softwareWord processing software is the most commonly used computer application that helps you create word documents for display or printing purposes.

Kingsoft offers a powerful word processing software - Writer 2012, that can help create professional looking word documents easily and quickly.

There are many word processors on the market, but Kingsoft Writer 2012 has its own innovative features which are more user-friendly than others including Microsoft Office. Also see "presentation program" and "spreadsheet software".

Kingsoft Writer 2012 - special features:

Adjust table conveniently: Unlike other word processing software like Microsoft Office, table insertion and adjustment in Kingsoft Writer is quite innovative. You can simply select the red squares under table option, and then insert the table by one click. Then, if you want to modify the table, for example, by inserting a column or row, you only need to click the "plus" icon on the edge of the table. This feature has received many compliments from our users.

Process documents under multiple tabs: Most other word processing software like Microsoft Office Word only permits multiple document to be opened in multiple windows. With Kingsoft Writer 2012 you can conveniently manage all your word documents within the same window, using different tabs. Similar with what you do when you browse the internet using a web browser.

Adjust paragraphs: Kingsoft word processor provides a convenient tool to adjust your paragraphs. You will see a small icon on the left side of your document, which is called paragraph layout. Click it and the paragraph nearby will be selected.

Other features of Kingsoft Writer 2012:

Spell checker : Check spelling automatically.
Font specifications: Allows you to change fonts within a document. For example, you can specify bold, italics, and underlining. Most word processors also let you change the font size and even the typeface.
Tables of contents and indexes: Allows you to automatically create a table of contents and index based on special codes that you insert in the word document.
Footnotes and cross-references: Automates the numbering and placement of footnotes and enables you to easily cross-reference other sections of the document.
Graphics: Allows you to embed illustrations and graphs into a document.
Headers, footers, and page numbering: Allows you to specify customized headers and footers that the word processor will put at the top and bottom of every page. The word processor automatically keeps track of page numbers so that the correct number appears on each page.

Kingsoft Writer 2012 Editions:

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 More about Professional Edition

Size: 61.9 MB


Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 More about Free Edition

Size: 43.0 MB