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The Best Free Word on Android Smartphone / Tablet

Release Date: 04-13-12

Android is the world's most popular smart phone operating system, and is widely used in phones, tablets, and other devices. With the wide-spread use of Android, there also comes the need for mobile productivity suites. There are several office suites for Android that bring the word processing features of desktop suites like Microsoft Office onto the tablet. Kingsoft Office for Android understands the functions and applications needed in daily life and the software has been designed with this in mind.

Even since the first release of Kingsoft Android office in 2011, it has been well received among Android users. See what our customer said about Android office:

"I am an Android user and even though I just downloaded your Kingsoft Office app....I am already a BIG fan! It's a great product. I'm very impressed with it and I plan to post my thoughts about it in the Android forum, so others can download it and use it as well."

The word processor is a key module in the Android Office suite. In Kingsoft Office for Android, the word processor is called Kingsoft Writer.

Our Android word processor has rich features. It supports all rich formatting, such as font size, font color, bold, italics, underline, highlight, text alignment, and search in text, zoom, full screen and page setup.

It is able to save document as .docx format. Opening, editing and creating MS Word document is much easier now. Dropbox and Google Docs are also supported.

Basic operations of Kingsoft Android word processor:


Tap the word processor icon of Kingsoft Android Office android word, and the context menu appears. 
The contents of the document will move down to avoid covering up the document contents. See Figure 1

Full screen:

Tap the Full Screen button full screen android word to enter full screen mode.

editing android word full screen android word

Figure 1 Editing in Android Writer Figure 2 Full Screen in Android Writer


Tap the Save button save android word to bring up the document save menu.
The save path will appear below the document name.

New folder

Tab new folder android word to create a new folder.

save android word android word new folder

Figure 3 Save in Android WriterFigure 4 New Folder in Android Writer

More information on Kingsoft Writer for Android can be found at: Android Office