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Kingsoft Android Spreadsheets

Release Date: 04-26-12

Kingsoft Spreadsheets is part of Kingsoft Office for Android. It is a powerful spreadsheet application for quickly calculating data, view graphs and filter data, and also a great tool for editing Excel files and save them to xls, xlsx, csv, pdf and etc.

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Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android Features:

VIEW & EDIT the latest Microsoft Excel formats (.xls, .xlsx, .csv).Calculate Excel data on android

You can copy, cut and paste cells, insert and delete rows and columns of
your spreadsheet.
For worksheet, you can insert, rename and delete the whole worksheet.
It is easy to edit cell by changing cell property settings

CREATE and save .xls, xlsx files.

You can create new spreadsheet and save it in xls, xlsx formats.

Quick calculation (Including: sum, average, count, max and min).

Select the cell range you want to perform a quick calculation and then
drag down the head of the current sheet, the automatic summary results
show up at the top. The result includes Sum, Count, Average, Max & Min.
The interface is shown on the right:

spreadsheet android chartView chart, pictures and graphs.

You are able to view charts in the Kingsoft Office Spreadsheets.

Double-taping a chart in the spreadsheet enables you to enter the
view mode, where the chart will be displayed in full screen.

You can exit the view mode by taping the Exit button in the top right corner.
The interface is shown on the right:

Filter (Including: Automatically filter and Customized filter).

Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android provides an auto filter function. You can customize the filter condition, and filter data according to the corresponding condition.

View auto filter in Spreadsheets for Android

Freeze columns and rows.

When you edit an Excel document which contains a multitude of lines and columns, it will be inconvenient for you to check it. With Kingsoft Spreedsheets you can ‘freeze window’ to keep a specific data range displayed all the time when you scroll through the screen.

View freeze window in Android Spreadsheets

Other new features of Android Spreadsheets include:

Hide Headers
Display Text Box
Display comment
Displaying conditional formatting
Displaying charts in XLSX documents.

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