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Slide Show Maker from Kingsoft

Release Date: 03-31-12

Slide-show makers, are computer software packages that can display information, like text, graphics and other multimedia elements in the form of a slide show.

A slide-show generally includes elements like text, graphics, and chart. Multimedia elements like music, movies and Flash are also supported in professional slide-show makers.

Slide-show maker - Kingsoft Presentation

Kingsoft Presentation is a slide-show maker that can create fantastic slide-show
slideshow maker presentations with text, pictures, and rich media.

It is highly compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, which means it can open and edit all the latest file formats like .ppt and pptx. With a user friendly interface, and all the main features of its rivals, Kingsoft Presentation is no doubt the most cost effective application to replace the expensive PowerPoint.

Why use Kingsoft Presentation

As a professional slideshow maker, Kingsoft Presentation has the following features

Rich templates - cover business and educational fields that allow you to apply professional looking templates directly, saving you great deals of time.
User friendly interface - It offers two interfaces for you to switch between, which look similar to MS office

Elements that you can apply in your slide-show:

Text and Word Art - these are the basic elements for a slide-show, for illustrating your points using words.
Tables - can be inserted into your slides conveniently. You don't need to enter the numbers of table rows and columns. Instead, simply use the mouse to select the table cells.
Images - various types of pictures are supported.
Illustrations - basic shapes and data charts are supported. Data charts can make your slide-show more convincing and explain your data clearly.
Links and action - allow you to add links and apply actions when the link is triggered.
Media - any movie, sound, Flash object or background music can be applied. Connect your slide-show with rich media components to make it more impressive.
Transition effects - are also important for slideshow to make it lively and animated.

How to make slide-shows with Kingsoft Presentation

It's quite simple to make a slide-show with Kingsoft Presentation. Create a new presentation file from a template, copy existing slides to paste and in each slide add the above components that you would like to use. All the functions are grouped in a specific category which are easy to find.

Download Kingsoft Presentation

download slideshow makerDownload Kingsoft Presentation 2013 Professional (30-day free trial, buy at $29.95)
Download Kingsoft Presentation 2013 Standard (30-day free trial, buy at $19.95)