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Kingsoft Office > Android app for viewing and editing ppt files

Android app for viewing and editing ppt files

Release Date: 04-26-12

Now you can enjoy true office mobility with Kingsoft Presentation for Android! View, edit, create and share Presentation slideshow files, including ppt and pptx easily on your Smartphone.

A new feature of Share Play on your Android device is supported now in Kingsoft Presentation, which allows you to present your slideshow more easily via Android device.

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ppt app for android View your PPT files on Android

PPT and PPTX files created with Microsoft PowerPoint can display nicely on Android phone:

There are thumbnail view for the slideshow, so that you can click each picture to view the related slide, and shift between slides conveniently.

Tab the small icon on the top left corner to show the context menu. There are options of Play, Save, Save as and Full screen. You can play the .ppt file and save it as other formats. Tab the full screen icon to enter full screen mode of your ppt.

ppt app for android
You can view your ppt in full screen.
Simply tap the Float button in the bottom and the thumbnail view will show up.

Tap the Exit Full Screen View button above the thumbnail view, and
you can exit the full screen view mode.

Now Kingsoft Presentation for Android also support moving and zooming Text Box, Picture and other objects in your PPT.

Elements like WordArt, cropped pictures, and vertical text can be displayed. There is also a new displaying effect of distributed.

Edit PPT on Android Phone

By taping the screen and a text box will show up. Double-tap the text box to ppt app android edit
enter the edit mode, under which you can edit the text.

You can utilize Font Bold, Italic and Underline features. Text Box and Picture can be easily inserted. You can also set Text Box Line, Fill Color, Paragraph Alignment and Line Spacing.

To protect your PPT, you can save the PPT as an encrypted file.

Create PPT with Kingsoft Presentation for Android

With the latest Android Office, you can also create new PPT on Android. You can Create New, Duplicate, Delete and Move Slides

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