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Release Date: 03-31-12

There are a lot of alternative software for making PowerPoint compatible presentations, and Kingsoft is the most effective one. It is a customer oriented product developed by Kingsoft, easy-to-use but with rich features.

With support to all the latest PowerPoint file formats, like *.ppt and *.pptx, Kingsoft Presentation is much smaller and faster than other similar programs. A multi-tabbed feature enables you to process multiple PowerPoint presentations under the same window, and switch between different tasks smoothly.

Kingsoft Presentation features

A PowerPoint presentation generally includes components like text, graphics, and chart. In order to impress the audience, sometimes you also need elements like music, movies and Flash.

Kingsoft Presentation supports all these features of Microsoft PowerPoint.
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Steps to make PowerPoint slideshows with Kingsoft Presentation 2012

1. Under Classic style interface of Kingsoft Presentation 2012 (this interface style is available in all the three editions of Kingsoft Presentation 2012), create a presentation from blank, and right click on the interface to select Design Templates to bring up the Slide Design task pane on the right. Right click on the blank area of the left pane to add new slides.

powerpoint maker

2. Go to Insert menu to add components like Slide Number, Date and Time, Symbol, Graphics, Diagram, Text Box, Movies and Sounds, Flash, Data Chart, Data Table, Equation and Object.

3. Select Animation Schemes under Slide Show menu to bring up related pane on the right. Then you can apply vaious animation effect to your PowerPoint presentation.

powerpoint maker
4. You can then add actions or animation to selected objects in your slide show, apply transition effect, and add action buttons. Slide show timings is recorded when you conduct a rehearsal, which is quite helpful.

Finally, save your presention as PowerPoint 97/2000/XP/2003 (*.ppt) format, which can be edited by Microsoft PowerPoint and other compatible software.

powerpoint maker

Compare with other PowerPoint Makers

As you may know, OpenOffice also has program to make PowerPoint compatible presentations, which is called Impress. We'd like to compare Kingsoft Presentation with OpenOffice Impress in speed, functionalities and interface.

Starting Wizard - OpenOffice Impress Startup Task Window - Kingsoft Presentation
openoffice powerpoint maker powerpoint maker

Starting Wizard - OpenOffice Impress
Pros: Helpful for a beginners
Cons: Slow. The wizard is stuck for a few seconds if switching for a new background design from the list or selecting a radio box.

Startup Task Window - Kingsoft Presentation
Pros: Simple and Quick
Cons: More guidence will be better. Other task panes are hidden in the task pane button.

Interface - OpenOffice Impress
After a selections, we successfully entered the interface of Impress. The interface is slightly different from that of Microsoft PowerPoint, but generally speaking, it is also user friendly. However, when we try to apply other templates to the slideshow, the average time for the switch to take effect is 7 seconds.

Interface - Kingsoft Presentation
What about Kingsoft Presentation? The switching time for applying new template is only 0.4 second on average.
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