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Release Date: 03-31-12

Kingsoft's word processor - Writer 2013 is the latest version of Kingsoft word processing program, it has added many new features like multiple tabs, Word to PDF convertion, paragraph and table adjustment tools, and higher compatibility with Microsoft Word. It gives support to .doc and .docx. Also see Kingsoft Office 2013.

Kingsoft Writer 2013
download word 2013

Since 1988, Kingsoft's word processor has undergone many versions and updates. Now it has matured into a product with similar functions to Microsoft Word, but costs much lower than MS Word.

Besides all the common features that are offered in MS Word, Kingsoft Writer also supports multiple tabs, and paragraph and table adjustment tool. You can easily convert your word document to PDF with Writer 2013.

Writer 2013 Editions

There are two editions for Kingsoft Writer 2013: Free and Professional.
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Writer 2013 Compatibility

Kingsoft Writer 2013 supports:
Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)

Kingsoft Writer 2013 is highly compatible with Microsoft Word. Office Professional 2013 can open, edit and save files in the formats like .docx and .doc. 

Download Kingsoft Writer 2013

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