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Kingsoft Office 2016 has been released

Release Date: 06-04-13

Kingsoft published its WPS Office 2016 software on 5th Jan. Both Office free 2016 and paid office software 2016 have released in one day. The new version consists of three programs ,i.e., Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation corresponding MS word, Excel and PowerPoint, with consistent focus on business and home users. Kingsoft Office 2012 won warm praise ever since it was released. In order to improve user experience, Kingsoft Office upgraded to the 2013 version after more than a year of development. With bugs in the previous version fixed and many new functions added we hope this version will become your most comprehensive office suite among similar softwares.

Kingsoft Office 2016 runs faster and more stable than the previous version. The system crash problem has been repaired and its running stability is enhanced after we tested almost all situations and systems when it runs. Now it can be regarded as one of the most stable office suites. Also, it added several new functions. For example, in Kingsoft Writer, it improved the setting up of page number, and adjusted the page number position by one click. In Kingsoft Spreadsheets, it added multiple criteria in filter for the quick locating of needed data, and different color scheme for brackets, such as the brackets for formulas. It displayed the row and column number of the selected data range in the parameter of function, and expanded the row and column number, supporting 1048576 rows and 16384 columns in total. Finally, it added goal seek feature. In Kingsoft Presentation, it improved the ability to read .pptx files and more.

In addition, new Kingsoft Office 2016 version fixed the feedback concentration bugs and new functions to met users requirements. All those include supporting export to MS office 2007 .xlsx and .xlsm formats, pound and euro symbols, date and value format for different countries (decimal point and thousands separator).

To be specific, firstly, 2016 version can support xlsx and xlsm formats. In Spreadsheets, it can both edit and save as the xlsx and xlsm formats, which will not only deal with MS office 2003 formats, but also be better compatible with all of MS office 2007 files.

Secondly, WPS Office 2016 can support pound and euro symbols, which means it can directly enter pound and euro symbols by keyboard. It will be more convenient to European users.

Thirdly, it now can support different date and value format based on different countries. That is, it added decimal point and thousands separator more suitable for digital representation habits in non-English countries . For example, 2300.12 can be shown as 2,300.12 or 2.300,12.

Hope Kingsoft Office Suite 2016 will become your first choice for the office suite program in the future!!