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Office for Android Upgraded to 5.3.4

Release Date: 01-14-13

Make the most of the upgraded features in this freeware to better perform office work on the go.

With Android smart phones and tablets being accepted by more and more people, it's actually developing into a trend to perform office work on Android devices. The ones who don't like this idea so much may ask what work on earth can be done on those little gadgets? Well, a lot can be done! People install different office tools on their Android devices, to name just a few of the most basic and useful ones--word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation maker, to do their office work or school assignments anywhere they want.

Unlike the situation of PC software, apps for Android are not monopolized by any single developer yet, which is a good thing to users. Still, there are a few role-model Android Office apps to be recommended. Among them, Kingsoft Office for Android stands out mainly for five reasons: no costs, no embedded ads, high compatibility with Microsoft Office files, unique advanced features and support for multiple languages. Many users probably have already experienced the abundant functions provided by Kingsoft Office for Android Freeware 5.2.2. With this version, one can create, view, edit and save documents of nearly all the formats used by Microsoft Office. In addition, Kingsoft Presentation in this version provides a feature named Share Play which is unique and great.

Lately, Kingsoft announces upgrade of its Office for Android Freeware 5.2.2 to Version 5.3.1. In Kingsoft Office for Android Free 5.3.1, several features have been added to improve Android users' office experience. For example, the upgraded Kingsoft Writer for Android now supports setting table alignment , underline color, font size and page background, as well as locating bookmarks directly in the Manage Bookmark interface. This will greatly increase users' convenience and efficiency when composing word documents.

However, the three upgraded features in Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android seem more eye-catching and useful--support for inserting and editing charts, support for complicated cell formatting,and support for moving cells, rows or columns. If you are one of those who have to deal with spreadsheets a lot, you will instantly know how much these three new features mean.

The upgrades mentioned above are all features that have been enthusiastically called for by Android Office users for quite a long time. Hopefully Kingsoft will inject a new impetus into the Android Office market this time.

And there are still a lot to say about the newly added features in Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft PDF Reader...They await your exploring.

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