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Kingsoft Office Free 2012 Has Been Upgraded Again

Release Date: 09-24-12

On 25th Aug. last year Kingsoft Office published the Kingsoft Free Office Suite 2012 version. Since released, it has been a lot of praise. To give the better software and service for users, Kingsoft Office officially upgraded again its FREE Office on 18th Sept. 2012. Only after a year of development, Kingsoft Office Free version has become the most comprehensive free office software among global similar softwares, which supports all MS Office formats and it is highly compatible with that.

Compared with the previous version, the upgraded version runs more stable, which has been repaired sometimes system crash or a sudden end. Our R&D department has tested almost all situations and systems when this free version runs, now it can be regarded as the best stability software, it will offer a continued and fast office software to users.

It also added several new features. For example, firstly, it added the variety of color schemes in three programs, which will provide much more different color for your table, sheets and more. Secondly, it added recently used document management function. When your computer system suddenly crashes or accidentally turned off the unsaved files, this recently used document management function will help you retrieve files. It also can help you quickly open recently viewed or edited documents to improve your work efficiency. Thirdly, in the 2012 interface, the document tab supports mouse wheel control horizontal scroll function. To be specific, when you open several document, the multiple tabs will list on the interface, you can slip the mouse wheel, the tab will automatically switch one by one without click by mouse, which is very convenient. Fourthly, for Presentation, in the 2012 interface, it added added 'From Beginning' and 'From Current Slide' quick play entrance to easily control the slide show.

In addition, new upgraded free version added two unique features, there are PPT converter on Presentation and link editing on Spreadsheets. Specifically, on Presentation, it added a function that can convert Kingsoft Presentation ppt. and pptx. formats into the Kingsoft word doc. formats, it can conveniently manage, save or print presentation slides as word document format. And on spreadsheets, upgraded free version added the edit link function that can support edit and modify the website hyperlinks when you statistics website data by excel.

Of course, except these new features, it remained traditional advantages such as tiny data package, it is just 39.1MB to download, install and uninstall that very quickly and easily. And it offers a built-in spelling checker to help you to check the documents. Also the built-in PDF converter allows you to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF formats.

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