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Kingsoft Office for Android 5.0 version has been big upgraded

Release Date: 09-14-12

On 13th Sept. 2012, Kingsoft Office for Android 5.0 version has been official released. Only after a year of development, Kingsoft Office for Android has become the most comprehensive mobile office software among global similar softwares, such as quick office android, open office android, and more, which supports most document formats and supports for most languages. Kingsoft Office for Android users currently covers 226 countries and regions around the world, and new users to more than 140,000 daily, accounting for global Android device market share of more than 10.7%. Now after 5.0 version has been published, it not only further enhances the support of smart phones and tablets, but also provides supporting the emerging smart devices, such as smart TV, smart projector and more, it will achieve a significant market share climbed.

It is worth mentioning that the Kingsoft Office for Android Version 5.0 will not only bring new style interface, it also deeply technical cooperate with Asus PadFone mobile for the first time. Asus PadFone is an innovative mobile that is designed for business people. With this strong combination, the 5.0 version is bound to bring new mobile office experience.

New Product Icon

From version 5.0, the Kingsoft Office for Android will enable new icon. This new icon is more consistent with today's minimalist style, stands out in phone screen to beats other apps. The brand-new interface and new icons have a unified style, concise but not simple.


5.0 version arranged function menu in the new toolbar interface. When users want to look for refinement functions, they just need to find the corresponding range of the function, they will be able to achieve the desired operation. The new interface design style with the bright colors, the use of software experience will be greatly enhanced.

Exclusive support ASUS PadFone double screen switch

The Kingsoft Android Office 5.0 version for the first time cooperate with Asus PadFone mobile, that will better show its strong screen function that can automatically adapt any mobile phone and tablet screen. To be specific, PadFone mobile phone perfect combine the concept of smart mobile phones and tablets, with the Dynamic Display technology, it can support the screen seamless switch between mobile phone interface and tablet interface. While Android 5.0 version will automatically adjust the display based on different mobile device screen. So Kingsoft Android Office combine with Asus PadFone mobile, that will be more suitable for business people mobile office life.

 In the future, version 5.0 will be more emphasis on data flow for cross-platform and cross-device. It will continue to cooperate with PCs, smart TVs, smart projector, hope in the different systems of the different screen sizes platform to provide users with a more efficient office experience.