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Switch for the smallest Free Office Suite: Kingsoft Office Free 2013

Release Date: 06-27-12

When choosing office software it's important to consider the options rather than casually downloading something just because that's what everyone else has. MSO has historically been the go to for office software, but in the last decade several office softwares have emerged, slowly building their consumer audience from those who felt unsatisfied with the lack of improvement from MSO. Kingsoft Office has addressed many office software issues that consumers commonly complain about, including file size and prices.

Smaller and Faster Free Office Suite

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 recently underwent an update which reduced its file size down to 45.4 MB. This update further represents Kingsoft's quest to make a neater and more efficient office experience without sacrificing any software functionality. The effect of the modern day computer and its massive storage capacity tends to cause users to believe the size of a file doesn't play a role in the overall speed and fluidity of a computer's performance. However, as programs increase in file size so does the amount of RAM required to run it- and the larger the number of hooks it adds to Windows' Registry, and ultimately the more noticeable the overall drag it imposes on a PC. Therefore downloading bulky software like MS office, which exceeds a 3GB file size, will in fact have a noticeable effect on your computer's efficiency.

Here is a feature comparison list among major free office suites: Kingsoft Office Free (Free Download), OpenOffice and Microsoft Free Office 2010 Starter.

Kingsoft Office Free Open Office Microsoft Free Office
2010 Starter
Components Writer, Spreadsheets
Writer, Calc, Impress
Base, Draw, Math
Word, Excel
Size 45.4MB 146MB Pre-installed
Kingsoft Writer OpenOffice Writer Microsoft Word Starter
Basic Text Editing
Header and Footer
Check spelling
Word Count
Cross reference
Table of contents
Footnotes and endnotes
Multiple tabs
adjustment tool
Kingsoft Spreadsheets OpenOffice Calc Microsoft Excel Starter
Basic features
Freeze Panes
Multiple tabs
Kingsoft Presentation OpenOffice Impress
Basic features
Animation Effects
Sound Effects
Multiple tabs

Creative Features in Kingsoft Office Free - Multiple Tabs

Other than the small file size Kingsoft Office has several unique features that competitors, mainly MSO and OpenOffice, don't have. The most well received feature is the Kingsoft Office Document Tab feature. Much like a modern web browser which allows a user to open multiple web pages as tabs under the same window, Kingsoft Writer Office Tab Feature offers users the same luxury for word documents. Common word processors such as Microsoft Word and Open Office force users to open a new window every time they want to start a new document, this has a tendency to create a cluttered desktop and in some cases even impacts a user's decision whether or not to create a new document. Kingsoft Writer's Tab Feature eliminates the problem of having too many word documents open at one time, allowing a user to conveniently switch between documents in one window by pressing the shortcut key (Ctrl+Tab).

Creative Features in Kingsoft Office Free - Paragraph Adjustment

Another one of Kingsoft Office's unique features is the Paragraph Adjustment Feature. This feature allows users to highlight a desired paragraph and easily adjust its spacing and aligning with an easy to use interface. This tool can come in handy when trying to customize a word document and makes it easy to place text around picture or other non-text images. MSO users often complain about not being able to control the words within a document well enough, sometimes adding just one specific indent can take more time than writing the paragraph itself, this problem is completely eliminated in KSO.

Kingsoft Office continues to come out with uniquely ingenious features like the Document Tab or Paragraph Adjustment Feature, with the ultimate goal of saving the user time. Kingsoft Office strives to make a more stress-free office experience for all users.