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Free Donate Office Software to Non-Profit Organizations

Release Date: 05-16-12

Kingsoft Office has a devilishly exciting from now on, it will carry out a charity activity to support the non-profit organizations including environmental protection, medical treatment and more. To be specific, Kingsoft Office will authorize non-profit organizations to use Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 version permanently. And even, it will donate the Kingsoft Office Standard 2012 version valued $49.95 to the non-profit organization based on their needs.

The charity must be a registered nonprofit organization, the purpose of serving the public, not-for-profit. The following organizations will be accepted: environmental protection, medical treatment, social welfare, education and research, charity, health, religious activities and organizations. If other NPOs want to participate in this activity, you can contact us at

Kingsoft Office Standard version includes several additional features not available in Free versions, including an online update function to ensure you are always equipped with the newest Kingsoft developments, a new Section tab that allows the user to quickly and conveniently organize the document layout. And it offers a large number of template options to aid in the production of slides, and a new and intuitive paragraph adjustment tool to easily alter paragraph formatting options. To more details, please visit the official website

How to get the standard version donation?

It is very simple to get the standard version, just send email to our mailbox, contact person: Kristy Lee. Then we will give you a special serial number of Kingsoft Office Standard 2012 that do not activate.