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Release Date: 11-29-12

Tired of updating your Microsoft Office from one version to another? Don't plan to upgrade your operating system or hardware to meet the requirements of the newest Microsoft Office 2013? If these are the cases, it's recommended to try free alternatives or replacements to Microsoft Office, which can fully meet your daily needs for handling word documents, electronic workbooks and presentations.

The replacement we are talking about here is Kingsoft Office Suite 2013. It has minimum system requirements, and takes up only one tenth of the space required by Microsoft Office. If you don't like to use Cloud, you will be quite satisfied with this local version of Office, which is always there for you.

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Like most other Microsoft Office replacements, Kingsoft Office also lacks of Email client currently. However, you can still find the three alternatives for Word, Excel and PowerPoint - Kingsoft Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation quite powerful, which can create professional-looking documents.

Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 components are all compatible with Microsoft Office 97-2010 file formats, which means you can open and edit documents in the formats of *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.ppt and *.pptx. However, saving files in the latest formats of Microsoft Office *.docx, *.xlsx and *.pptx are not supported in Free version currently. You can find this feature in Professional version.

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