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Paul v Stroheim Jun 13, 2013
" Im a 74 yr old on a Pension and I wish to say; THANK YOU for making 'Presentation' free & GOOD sincerely "

RobinApril 26, 2013
" This has all the basics you're looking for in a Microsoft Office alternative. It is lightweight -- only a 39MB download -- and you won't have to pay through the nose to get what you want out of an office suite. "

JoyApril 5, 2013
"This is the most user friendly program. Thank you for making it available at no cost. I do not use this kind of program often, but when I DO need it this one tops them all. "

Alternative Office Suite compatible with Microsoft Office

Release Date: 12-07-12

As Microsoft Office is the most widely used Office productivity suite, when choosing alternative office suites, it's important to consider their compatibility with MS document formats and the consistency of document layouts.

Here in this article we will focus on Kingsoft Office, which is an office suite alternative to Microsoft Office. Let's see whether Kingsoft Office is compatible with Microsoft Office, and if the document layout in both office suites are consistent.

Kingsoft Office has three components, Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation, similar to MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

File Compatibility and Interoperability with Microsoft Office

Input file formats: Word (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) doc, dot, docx, .rtf, .wps and .wpt formats
Output file formats: Word (97/2000/2003) .doc, .dot, .wps and .wpt format.

Input file formats: Excel (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .csv, .xml, .et and .ett
Output file formats: Excel (97/2000/2003) .xls, xlt, .csv, .xml, .et, .ett and more.

Input file formats: PowerPoint (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .pot, .dps and .dpt formats
Output file formats: PowerPoint (97/2000/2003) .ppt, .pps, .pot, .dps and .dpt format.

Although Kingsoft Office can not save documents as *.docx, *.pptx or *.xlsx, it can open files in these formats and display exactly the same document layout as in MS Office.

Consistency of Document Layout

Open a 157-page word document (in *.docx format) with Kingsoft Writer and Microsoft Word 2007:

microsoft office compatible office suite

The number of pages are totally the same, which means the page margin, line spacing, character spacing, picture and all the content in the document are displayed according to the same parameters.

When we tried to open the same document with other word processors, like Writer, the number of pages changed to 184. In this respect we can clearly see that different word processors usually apply different layout standard. However, Kingsoft Writer keeps the same with MS Word.

Similar with Spreadsheets / Presentation, when we open *.xls / *.xlsx / *.ppt / *.pptx files created with Microsoft Excel / PowerPoint with corresponding Kingsoft programs, the layout and functions are successfully inherited and displayed.

Conclusion: By installing Kingsoft Office, when you send or receive documents, you don't need to worry about file compatibility and layout issues. You can open Microsoft Office documents with Kingsoft Office, and others can open your documents created with Kingsoft Office with their MS Office.