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The new interface of Kingsoft Office 2012 VS Kingsoft Office 2010

Release Date: 12-27-11

Kingsoft Office 2012 adopts the more fashionable 2012 interface instead of the traditional interface. This interface provides users with more dazzling visual effects and higher efficiency.Here we will use one simple example to prove this:

Wether when we use Kingsoft Writer or Kingsoft Presentation, inserting pictures is one of the commonly used operations. In the Kingsoft Office 2010 version, if we want to insert a picture, we have to follow several steps; click Insert Menu, choose Graphics in the drop-down list and select From File. As shown In figure 1.

But in the rabbin interface, inserting pictures is much more easier. We can easily click Picture button in the Illustrations group under Insert tab, as shown in Figure 2. Then the Insert Picture dialog box pops up.

office interface
figure 1

office interface 2012
figure 2

By achieving the same target, the times to click is reduced from three to two. The distance you move your mouse is substantially shortened.