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Kingsoft Office Customer Privacy Policy

At Kingsoft Office, we take our customers' privacy very seriously, and go to great lengths to protect any details you provide to us.

Kingsoft Office's Customer Privacy Policy explains why we collect information about our customers, what information is collected when you interact with Kingsoft, i.e.: by visiting our website, purchasing our products/services or by contacting our customer enquiries; and how that information will be used. Kingsoft believes your privacy is our priority and we will therefore both protect and respect it. Please take a moment to read over our privacy policy and learn more about our data practises.

Why do we collect personal information?

We collect information about our customers in order to provide higher levels of customer service for our users and in order to deliver our software licenses. By collecting information, we can also allow you the user to choose to hear from us about products and services that may interest you, as well as keep you updated about new releases, special offers, product updates and upcoming events.

What information will we collect from you and how will it be used?

Information collected about Kingsoft office customers includes: name,s mailing address, email address, contact preferences, credit/debit card information and details of the Kingsoft products owned by this customer, such as their serial number, date of purchase and any previous customer service issues. This information is used for a number of purposes:

When contacting customer enquiries, having background information about our customers will help our staff to assist you more efficiently

This information may be required in situations such as downloading software updates, participating in online surveys, registering for a seminar, registering or purchasing products, or discussing a service issue

Market research- this helps us to understand our customers better, enabling us to improve our products and services, for example, your occupation and where you access your computer

Personal information may be used to provide requested products as well as for other purposes, such as auditing, analysis and research, in order to improve the value of Kingsoft's service

Kingsoft Office actively collects information regarding customer interaction with our website; helping us to determine where the most time is spent and what our most useful Internet services for users are.

When and where do we disclose personal information?

At Kingsoft office we value our relationships with our customers and therefore promise to you that we will never sell or rent your personal information to third party marketers.

Within the Kingsoft office organization, personal information may be shared with legal entities in order to establish how to provide superior service to our customers. Measures are taken however, to ensure that this data is handled sensitively, in accordance with Kingsoft's Customer Privacy Policy.

Externally, Kingsoft office has working relationships with companies who provide products and services to our customers on our behalf. It is therefore sometimes necessary to provide these companies with information about our customers so that they can:

Deliver quality products and services to you

Complete customer transactions

Extend customer credit

Provide high standards of customer service

Manage and enhance our collection of customer information

Provide higher levels of customer service

Assess customers' interest in specific products and services

Conduct market research Measure customer satisfaction levels

Any companies who have access to our customer data are bound by Kingsoft's Customer Privacy Policy to protect your data; in the case of exceptions, you will be notified at the collection time.

Furthermore, Kingsoft is duty bound to release customer information if it is in the interests of national security, enforcement of the law or other issues of public importance. Kingsoft is also required by law or litigation to disclose private information if it is deemed necessary.

How do we protect your private information?

Kingsoft office takes a number of precautions to ensure that your data cannot be lost, stolen, misused, subjected to unauthorized access, disclosed, changed or destroyed. These measures include: Administrative, Technical,Physical.

When purchasing products or services from us, a secure server is used that is hosted by Paypal, SWREG and other third party payment processors. All of the data, including names, addresses, credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates, etc, is encrypted before being sent to Kingsoft. Encryption is difficult to decode and prevents your payment details being stolen and misused.

There are also a number of ways that you, the user, can protect yourself from malicious attacks online. Always use a secure web browser and try to change your passwords regularly, ideally mixing numbers and letters together.

Kingsoft Office's Policy Regarding Malware

Kingsoft is firmly against all kinds of malware, and it is our promise that no piece of Kingsoft software will intentionally compromise a user's security or privacy. All Kingsoft software can be manually uninstalled from devices easily, through a designated uninstall utility. All of Kingsoft's software has passed vigorous Kaspersky and Rising anti-virus/malware tests before being released to the public. This means that no Kingsoft software will have features similar to the features of malware; reinstallers are not employed, information that would allow someone to personally identify a user is not collected, and they will not contain any hidden third party applications such as spyware, malware, adware, viruses, worms, Trojan's, etc. Overall, Kingsoft software will not jeopardize any customer's privacy or security.

Kingsoft Office's Commitment to Privacy

The Kingsoft Customer Privacy Policy is communicated to all employees and a number of privacy safeguards are strictly enforced throughout the company in order to protect our users' personal data. This policy is applicable worldwide and covers the Intel Corporate website.

International Users

The Kingsoft Customer Privacy Policy is under the safe harbour framework established by the US Department of Commerce, concerning the gathering, usage and storing of personal data collected from the EU.

Links to other companies can be found on the Kingsoft website. Kingsoft would like to state that we are not responsible or accountable for the privacy policies of those websites although we would actively encourage the individual user to examine those privacy policies before providing personal information about themselves.