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Jeff March 22, 2016
" This is the best and most Microsoft looking for those who have used nothing else. But past that your office suit is very nice to work with and well featured. I can't think of any thing that could be said bad or lacking about it. Its faster than MS Office with all of the same features that most of the general public use. The Price even for the premium suite is so low not one person should have a complaint. Thank you and your programmers, plus all the staff who work on projects such as this. You've done a marvelous job putting this together. "

Mark November 17, 2015
" I have enjoyed the Free version of your WPS writer. It is flexible, has a lot of nice features, amazing, and user friendly. "

JoyApril 5, 2015
"This is the most user friendly program. Thank you for making it available at no cost. I do not use this kind of program often, but when I DO need it this one tops them all. "

View and Edit Google Docs Offline

Release Date: 12-28-12

Google Docs is the online document creating and sharing service offered by Google. For online collaborating, Google Docs is no doubt a great web app for handling documents, spreadsheets and presentations. However, when you have to work offline, you still need a good compatible office suite to be installed on your PC to deal with these files.

As Microsoft Office is currently the de facto standard for office files, all alternative office suites or online document service should be compatible with MS Office formats. Google Docs used to offer *.doc, *.xls and *.ppt file formats, but not it only supports the Office 2007-2010 file formats.

Google Docs File Formats:

For Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation files, Google Docs saves them in the following formats:

Documents: *.docx, *.odt, *.rtf, *.pdf, *.txt, *.html

Spreadsheets: *.xlsx, *.ods, *.pdf, *.csv, *.txt, *.html

Presentation: *.pptx, *.pdf, *.txt.

Google Docs compatible Office Suite

Although Microsoft Office can open the files saved in Google Docs, the compatibility between the two is not so good, and it is not free. We've tested Kingsoft Office (Free) on opening the *.docx format file created with Google Docs. The word document displayed in Google Docs online looks like the screenshot on the left. When we download the document as *.docx and open it with Kingsoft Writer, we get the document on the right:

google docs offline compatible office google docs offline compatible office

Figure 1 Document shown in Google Docs (web)    Figure 2 Document shown in Kingsoft Office

As you can see from above two screenshots, the document formatting looks almost the same in Kingsoft Office as that in Google Docs web application. In this way, you can easily save your documents, spreadsheets and presentations to your computer and add more complicated formatting, formulas and slide show effects to them using Kingsoft Office.

Kingsoft Office Free can be used completely for free. It includes the three components of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation, which are great free alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With Kingsoft Office, you no longer need to worry about compatibility issues.

Now Kingsoft Office supports these file formats offered by Google Docs: *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx, *.rtf, *.txt, *.csv, *.html. You can learn more and download Kingsoft Office Free here.