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Kingsoft Data Recovery Master

Release Date: 03-02-16

Kingsoft data recovery Kingsoft Data Recovery Master is a reliable application designed to help you retrieve all your lost or deleted documents from your PC’s hard drives, USB Drives, Memory Card and other data storage media. When you accidentally delete your files in recycle bin, when you forget to backup your documents before reformatting your PC, when your PC suddenly crashes or is attacked by virus, don’t get panic by the data loss disaster, Kingsoft Data Recovery Master is ready to help you recover all the lost data and documents.

Download Kingsoft Data Recovery Master now to experience extraordinary recovery service.

Kingsoft Data Recovery Master

Accidentally-Deleted File Recovery

Accidentally emptied the recycle bin and deleted a cooperation plan? Don’t worry, Kingsoft Data Recovery Master will help you recover it.

External Device Recovery

Data lost in a USB flash disk, a removable hard disk, a SD card, a TF card or mobile devices? Take it easy, Kingsoft will help you get it back.

Formatted File Recovery

Hard disk is accidentally formatted? Don’t worry, Kingsoft Data Recovery is ready to help you retrieve your formatted data.

Deep Recovery

General recovery is useless? Kingsoft Deep Recovery feature can help you restore the data by taking in-depth scans in track space.

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