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Download Kingsoft free Office for iPhone and iPad

Kingsoft Office for iPad and iPhone Free

First support GIF animation in playing slideshow

PPT for iPhone and iPadRead, edit PowerPoint files, and read Word documents on your iPhone or iPad, Share it by cloud storage. Kingsoft office free offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with which you can read and share office file whenever and wherever. It is integrated with a file manager and could conveniently access to cloud service providers like Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox, and other WebDAV services. The highly effecient Office free can play full-featured Presentation both created in PowerPoint 2013 and Previous versions and edit PPT text informations.  


What's New in Kingsoft Office for iOS

After long time of hard work, the first version of Kingsoft Writer for iOS is finally released! The features are shown in the following. More new features are coming soon in our next updates. Please stay with us.

Added:PPT animation effects are now fully compatible with all animation effects, such as the verbatim animation.

Improved: Better PPT object editing experience

Improved:Animation trigger in PPT.

Improved:Optimal display definition in Writer.

Improved:Optimal performance in Writer and Presentation including optimized memory, operating efficiency, etc.


Key Features of Office for iPad/iPhone:

1. View, edit and Play PPT in .ppt/.pptx/.pot/.potx/.pps/.dps/.dpt formats and encrypted files.

2. Open and read PDF files.

3. 100% compatible with the PPT animation effects.

4. The Ability to show the original animated GIF in PPT Free.

5. Shared play. Capable of connecting with other iOS devices to play simultaneously.

6. Conveniently access to cloud service providers, such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

7. Local file search ability.

8. Provided with local document management ability, such as copy, delete, move and create folders.

9. Support action settings when playing Animation, such as hyperlink.

10. Responsive to users' touch , especially designed for iPhone and iPad users and caters for your usual practice.

Your feedback is important to us! Please tell us what you think about this product. We will take your suggestions in our next update. Contact us at


Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone5.

Kingsoft Clip 1.4 - One-click to Share your Clipboard

Kingsoft Office X Plats 1.4 - One-click to share your clipboard

clip for android - share clipboard between pc and androidKingsoft Office X Plats is a cloud service integration platform installed in PC. It provides you with four functions, Kingsoft Clip, History Service, Cloud Fonts and Share Play. It enables you to transfer the content, Cloud Fonts, File View records to your Android or Tablet computer. You can synchronously play the slides originally in PC in Android as well.

Moreover Kingsoft Office X Plats is able to receive and manage all the contents referred above from your Android or Tablet computer. So you are free to take advantage of your Office resources in your PC.

To experience these marvelous functions, you need to install the corresponding assemblies in your Android. And you are entitled to decide which functions to install in your Android.

Kingsoft Clip for Windows office suite professional

clip for android - share clipboard between pc and androidDownload Kingsoft Clip for Windows and install it on your PC. Kingsoft Clip for Windows will be combined with two other Kingsoft Office add-ons in the future, and the whole program is called Kingsoft Office X Plats. Once installed, select Kingsoft Clip and login with your OpenID.

The first release of Kingsoft Clip supports a running list of last 9 pieces of text / URL that you have copied to your clipboard on your PC. On the PC end, you can copy pieces of text  to Kingsoft Clip and send each piece directly to Android device.

Supported System: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista(32bit,64bit) / Windows 7(32bit,64bit) / Windows 8

Kingsoft Clip for Androidfree office suite for android

clip for android - share clipboard between pc and androidDownload Kingsoft Clip for Android and install it on your Android device. Launch the application to monitor the system clipboard. You will see a small icon shown on the top of your Android screen when a piece of text is copied. All the copied text messages will be displayed in the message list of Kingsoft Clip.

The first release of Kingsoft Clip supports a running list of last 9 pieces of text that you have copied to your clipboard on your Android device (also 9 pieces for your PC). On your Android device, you can use Kingsoft Clip to monitor the system clipboard and store the copied text (last 9 pieces of text) in the application's message list, and then choose text pieces to send to PC end.

Supported System: Android OS (2.2 or later versions)

What's new in Kingsoft Clip 1.4

[*] 1. Call the phone camera to take pictures by using PC client.
[*] 2. Supported for purchasing more numbers of sending clips.

Limitations in this version

1. Only 20 pieces of text can be shared under one account per month.

2. Only the recent text messages can be displayed in the text message list on both Android and PC end.

Contact us:

Your feedback is important to us! Please tell us what you think about this product. We will take your suggestions in our next update. Contact us at

Kingsoft Office for Android International Edition Upgrade Record

Kingsoft Office for Android International Edition Upgrade Record

The following is a list of updates for Kingsoft Office for Android International Edition. The list order is from the latest version to the initial version. Each version description includes the version number, release date and the update details.

Version 4.9

Release Date: 25-09-2012

Fixed: Fixed the problem that SD card reloads after doing the Save or Save As operation in some devices.


Fixed: In Spreadsheet, fixed the problem that program quits unexpectedly when creating spreadsheets or opening some documents in Samsung GT-S5830.

Improved: In Spreadsheet, directly into the Edit mode after creating comments.


Fixed: In Presentation, fixed the problem that after decreasing list level in blank lines where the font size is more or less than 32, the font size is changed if entering and deleting contents repeatedly.

Fixed: In Presentation, fixed the problem that documents containing pictures cannot be opened again if clicking the Close button repeatedly and then clicking Save button in the message box.

Version 4.6

Release Date: 19-07-2012

In the latest version 4.6, you can open large documents sized 100M above! In addition, it supports for Google Drive! There are about 100 feature updates as follows:


1. Support for Google Drive. Add the features to open, download and upload documents in FTP Server.

2. Add options of Starred Files and Recent Files.


1. Support for opening documents sizing 100M above.

2. Spell Check feature.

3. Support for inserting, deleting and editing tables.

4. Add the Insert Picture feature, and support picture operations like deleting, rotating, moving, zoom, wrapping .et.


1. Add the custom keyboard, and support for editing and inserting formulas in the custom keyboard.

2. Copy, Cut and Paste Cells features.

3. Insert and Delete Rows and Columns features.

4. Support for speedy dialing of selected numbers and sending emails.


1. New Presentation feature.

2. New, Duplicate, Delete and Move Slide features.

3. Slide Layout feature.


1. Support for opening encrypted PDF documents.

2. Read Memory feature.

And other 80 features updates.

Version 4.3

Release Date: 19-07-2012


1. Support for displaying headers and footers, comments, amendments, formulas, symbols, graphic objects, tables wrap effects in the DOC files, etc.

2. Rich formatting features including bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, highlight, search, zoom, full screen, etc.

3. Can view and edit documents in Page-Layout or Web-Layout

4. With Reader mode, you can easily switch to reader mode after open the document

5. Open the encrypted documents and Save encrypted DOC files

6. With the paragraph Indents and Spacing function, you can easily adjust the paragraph indents and spacing.


1. Auto-Filter

2. Sort function

3. Search function

4. Full screen reading mode

5. Freeze panes

6. Support for displaying 62 kinds of charts, and viewing chart details

7. Select cells by trackball and keyboard arrow keys

8. Open the encrypted documents.

9. Display the AutoShapes in XLS files


1. With thumbnails list like PC Office, for convenient slide switch

2. Support Play mode

3. Support laser pointer when playing

4. Display tables and charts

Kingsoft Office - for Android Samsung Galaxy Note

Kingsoft Office - for Android Samsung Galaxy Note 5.12 free office suite for android

android office for samsung galaxy noteKingsoft Office - for Android Samsung Galaxy Note is a totally FREE office suite specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phones. Besides all the functions of processing Office documents on Android phone, the most outstanding feature in this office suite for Android is that it supports the Share player of Samsung Galaxy Note.

With Kingsoft Office for Android, you can CREATE, VIEW, EDIT and SAVE word documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Now you can edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your Samsung Galaxy Note conveniently, and share them with other people using the Email application. Furthermore, you can access Google Drive, Dropbox, and other Cloud services with WebDAV protocol.


17.8 MB

Features of Kingsoft Office - for Android Samsung Galaxy Note

  • Consists of the following

    Desktop Widget

    Writer for Android

    Spreadsheets for Android

    Presentation for Android

    File manager

  • File Formats

    Input file formats: Support 23 kinds of files, including DOC/DOCX/TXT /XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF

    Output file formats: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 97 to 2010 formats: .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .pptx and .pdf.

  • Share made easy:

    Share documents via Email
    and Cloud Storage.

    Easily open, view and send
    Email attachments.

    Upload and download files
    on, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • Other Features:

    Support Spen to draw and add comment to documents, handling office work smoothly.

    Allow operating on files with various finger actions

    Support various reading modes to meet different needs

What's New in Kingsoft Office - for Android Samsung Galaxy Note 5.12

Dec.26, 2013, The Android office for Samsung Galaxy 5.12 has been released.Check the bug fixes below:

Added: In Writer, support that .dotx documents can be saved in the original format after editing.

Fixed: In Writer, fixed the bug about Find feature.

Fixed: In Spreadsheet, fixed that some specific documents would crash if selected fonts were in Bold.

Fixed: In Spreadsheet, fixed that special custom number formats display incorrectly.

Kingsoft Office Suite for Android and free Office Reader for Android

WPS Office for Android +PDF 9.1

kingsoft office for Android

Office for Android makes it easy to access your business documents anywhere and at any time. It offers a huge number of features catered to personal use, whilst also allowing you to create, view, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents at the press of a button. Supported file types include .txt, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, xlsx, CVS, wps, .et and .wpp. Learn More >>

Download 20.5MB

Kingsoft Office for Android Mobile International 9.1

kingsoft office for Android

Office for Android International is a multi-language office application, which supports English, France, Italia, Spanish and any other 9 languages. With it, you’re allowed to view DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX files, and create DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX formats for FREE. Office for Android is well known by its simple and easy to navigate interface, and it fits well whether in a small cell phone screen or on large screen of tablet. Learn More >>

Download 20.5MB

Kingsoft Office HD (Office for Android Tablet) Beta

kingsoft office for Android tablet

Kingsoft Office HD (Office for Android Tablet) beta is released! User-friendly and nice UI. More close to the Android tablet. Meet the needs of Tablet users that view and edit all office files anytime and anywhere. Full-featured free office software, running on the Android 4.0+ system, which is designed specially for the Android tablet users. Learn More >>

Download 9.55MB

Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free

kingsoft free office Android reader

Kingsoft Office Reader for Android, allows the user to view and share office documents on the go for free. It is made of three core parts: Word reader, Excel reader and PowerPoint reader. These 'readers' all allow you to view .doc .docxt .xls and .xlsxt formats. The Kingsoft Office Reader for Android delivers a user-friendly experience, whereby you can organize all your files through use of the built-in file manager; and quickly locate specific files by using the thumbnail wall. With the Kingsoft Reader you can share your files via Email and through the use of 'cloud storage'. Learn More >>

Download 4.17MB